Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search Info

The Las Vegas jail inmate search is an active website link where one can find an arrested family member or friend in the jails of Las Vegas city. It also offers a watch list search service for easy contact in case the person one is looking for is finally in the system. The service provides an exclusive list of every inmate in Las Vegas jails who is through with the booking process.


City of Las Vegas Jail

it’s the second largest jail facility in Las Vegas. The jail handles the misdemeanor arrestees from the Las Vegas city. They undergo the processing processes that include photographs, taking the fingerprints, inventory of personal effects and a thorough medical examination before appearing on Las Vegas Inmate Search.

Las Vegas Jail
Las Vegas Jail

Jail Location

The jail location is at 3300 Stewart Avenue in Las Vegas city. The facility is located between the Mojave and Pecos along the 95 freeway. The jail is noticeable from the highway with large barbed wire fences and tall walls. After booking, the inmate’s details can be accessed from Vegas Jail Inmate Search.

Inmate Policies

The facility provides opportunities for friends and families of the arrestee to have approved and scheduled visits. Also, is has policies that allow sending emails and funds deposit activities. To visit an inmate, he/she has to submit a request form for approval.

Inmate Search Las Vegas Options

The Las Vegas inmate search tool provides all the current inmates inside the city of Las Vegas jail. The Inmate Search Las Vegas system only shows booked in inmates and depends on how busy is the facility. There are three ways of searching for an inmate.

Using the Last Name

Typing the two or three letters last name in the Las Vegas inmate search bar at the Vegas Jail Inmate Search website will result in inmates who meet the Inmate Search Las Vegas set criterion.

Using Prison ID Number

One can type the inmate id number in the Las Vegas inmate search for a particular inmate details

Call 702-608-2245

It’s the fastest and least frustrating search option with a friendly operator providing the Inmate Search Las Vegas details. The line is operational 24 hrs.

Las Vegas Jail
Las Vegas Jail

Other Jails in Las Vegas

Clark County Detention Center

It’s the largest facility in Las Vegas and Located at 330 South Casino Center in the downtown of Las Vegas city.

Henderson Detention Center

The facility location is at 240 Water Street in the Henderson city hall.

North Las Vegas Jail

The facility shut down in 2012 due to budget constraints reason. All inmate arrested in the facility is booked in the town of Las Vegas detention center.

Las Vegas Bail Bondsman


It’s fastest and most professional bail bondsman in the city. eBAIL is BBB rated and operates 24/7. It offers clients with an online system to post bails or through the phone line to bail their friends and families after obtaining inmate details from Vegas Jail Inmate Search. Marc Gabriel is the owner and manager of the renowned bail agency.

Las Vegas Jail Location:

Las Vegas Detention Center

North Las Vegas Detention Center

3300 Stewart Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Las Vegas Jail Mailing Address:
City of Las Vegas Detention Center

3300 Stewart Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Las Vegas Jail Phone:

(702) 229-6617

Las Vegas Jail Fax:

(702) 386-7070

Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search

Other Contact Information for Las Vegas Detention Center

Inmates Information: (702) 229-6444
Bail Information: (702) 229-6460

Attorney Visits: (702) 229-1786
Warrants: (702) 38-COURT
Administration: (702) 229-6617

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